1-7L/Min Home Oxygen Concentrator VH-3

- 1-7L adjustable continuous flow oxygen supply, up to 90% oxygen concentration

- Incorporates nebulization function and auto oxygen humidification function

- Low noise, power-saving hidden display, and ultra-intelligent control


Presenting the VH-3, our advanced model in oxygen machine for home with continuous-flow capabilities. Designed by our German research team, this compact yet high-performance concentrator provides high-concentration oxygen, ideal for both domestic and in-vehicle use.

Equipped with a superior lithium sieve, the VH-3 offers robust adsorption, resulting in a high oxygen yield. It reliably maintains a continuous flow of oxygen at concentrations up to 95%. The adjustable flow rate of 1-7L is customizable to meet your specific needs.

The VH-3's energy-efficient, pure copper oil-free compressor operates up to 72 hours continuously, consuming less energy. Its quiet operation, as low as 42 dB, ensures it won't disturb your sleep, making it a perfect oxygen machine for home use.

A standout feature of VH-3 is its nebulizer function, accompanied by a nebulizer mask kit. This allows for simultaneous oxygen therapy and nebulization, offering added convenience for users.

This oxygen machine for home also excels with its automatic humidification technology, eliminating manual water addition and reducing the irritation often associated with dry oxygen. With a ten-layer filtration system, the VH-3 guarantees that the oxygen you breathe is clean and free from contaminants. A spare filter pad is also included for easy replacement.

The VH-3 is user-friendly, featuring a large panel and a power-saving hidden display, suitable for all ages. Its additional functions, such as the SOS feature, timer operation, infrared remote control, and sleep mode, add to its convenience. As our most lightweight and compact home oxygen concentrator, weighing only 10.58lb, the VH-3 is easily portable, whether around the house or in a car.

The VH-3 Home Oxygen Concentrator is a comprehensive respiratory solution, combining high performance, a sleek design, nebulizers functionality, and intelligent control to enhance your respiratory health. Experience the best in respiratory care with the VH-3.

  • Brand:VARON
  • Product Size(L*W*H): 8.03*8.43*11.02inches
  • Net Weight: 10.58lb
  • Power supply: AC110V 60Hz/AC230V 50HZ
  • Input power: 120VA
  • Oxygen concentration: 28%-90%(Adjustable)
  • Oxygen flow: 1~7L/min(Adjustable)
  • Working sound: ≤42dB(A)
  • Electrical classification: Ⅱ
  • Operating mode: continuous
  • Atomization rate: >=0.2ml/min

VARON Oxygen Concentrator VH-3*1

Power cord*1

Atomization kit (mask and connection tube)*1

Oxygen inhaler kit (nasal cannula & mask inhaler)*1

Certificate of Conformity(attached to the manual)*1

Remote control*1

Instruction manual*1

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